PANSPED is able to quickly release your goods to and from abroad thanks to the “internal” customs service, taking care of all the trade formalities:

– Definitive export;

– Definitive importation;

– Release for free circulation;

– Temporary exportation;

– Temporary importation;

-T1 emission for goods in transit

– Request for release of Inward and outward processing

– Analysis of data compliance for customs export declarations

– Release of A.TR. and EUR.1 models;

– Issuing of Carnet Tir

– Assistance at the major Italian ports and airports for the customs clearance of imported goods.

Pansped owns an in-house custom service which allows to quickly perform custom clearance, thanks to the tele-transmission licence. 


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Thanks to its long-term expertise and experience, Pansped is ready to provide you with a carefully-designed advice on your custom practices.

Our team will help you with the best solution for the customs operations of your business.

 – Regulations Interpretation and consultancy,

– Support with customs classification,

– Calculation of customs duties, excise duties, ancillary taxes,

– Specialized support for customs disputes,

– Documentation related to international trade

– Regulations on special trade: arms, artwork, dangerous goods, counterfeiting, security marks, etc.

– Clarifications for completions of particular cases, such as triangulation, machining or cointestation.


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